OREANDA-NEWS. October 03, 2016. Pending filing with the SEC, the following pricing changes will be effective Monday, October 3, 2016.

Amended Nasdaq Growth Program*

Nasdaq is resetting all baselines to August 2016 values. If in October a member increases add volume as a percentage of Total Consolidated Volume by 25% versus the firm’s August baseline that firm will qualify for the \\$0.0025 rebate.

In addition, Nasdaq is providing firms an opportunity to maintain the \\$0.0025 rebate for an additional month after meeting the growth requirements. Starting in November, members who achieved the Nasdaq Growth Program in the preceding month will be able to maintain the \\$0.0025 credit for an additional month as long as they maintain their add volume as percent of Consolidated volume versus the preceding month.

*Firms must add at a minimum an average of 750,000 shares a day during the month in order to qualify.