OREANDA-NEWS. February 09, 2018. A new online platform, SHAREbid.com, is radically improving the relationship between private companies and their shareholders. Private companies utilizing the SHAREbid software will now have a 1-up on the competition, as their revolutionary new platform is the only avenue for employees and investors of private companies to sell their shares in a fair and transparent secondary market with no commission fees to the buyer or seller.

Many observers have noted that one of the major weaknesses of private share investing has been the lack of a functioning secondary market. SHAREbid saw this problem and developed a unique turn-key solution for both private companies and their shareholders.

After working in collaboration with some of the top private firms in the country, SHAREbid’s technology platform has managed to make liquidity not only possible, but practical as well. “The SHAREbid auction platform allows our employees and investors to sell their previously illiquid company shares at any time in a secure and highly competitive environment,” says Harold Hofer, CEO of nationally recognized REIT, Rich Uncles. SHAREbid also provides pre-IPO companies with the ability to find and retain top talent by offering a no-cost solution to sell any number of shares, both large and small.

With such a strong market in 2018, it’s easy to see the renewed interest and increasing potential of the private markets. Especially as technology, legal frameworks and increased access to information make those private investments more attainable and desirable for a balanced portfolio. “At SHAREbid, we believe that choice and flexibility are paramount to financial freedom, which is why we are staying focused and are determined to bring companies and their shareholders the option of liquidity.” says Richard Bennett, CFO of SHAREbid.