OREANDA-NEWS. Analytic agency "AUTOSTAT" conducted a study of the market of new motorcycles in Russia by the results of 2016. According to the study, during this period the market volume of motor vehicles in Russia was 11.4 thousand units, which is worse by 39.6% than the figure in 2015 (18.9 thousand units).

The most popular brand among Russian motor-fans is Racer, the primary market of which in the last year was about 1.5 thousand units (-45.7%). BMW ranks the second one with a score of 1.4 thousand motorcycles (-7.4%), and the top-three of leaders is closed by Stels (1.3 thousand units; -14.1%).

Among the models the leader is the representative Racer - RC250 motorcycle was the most popular among Russians in 2016. Its figure was 582 units, which is less by 32.2% than in 2015. Besides it, the top-three of leaders also included Stels Desna (413 units; + 86.9%) and Racer RC200 (405 units; -52.6%)