OREANDA-NEWS. August 31, 2016. When I went on my first business trip in 2005, the world was a completely different place. I had a personal mobile phone, but it wasn’t connected to my work email. I had my work laptop with me, but spent more trying to get online via a spotty hotel wired connection than actually working. I was basically cut off from my office, and there wasn’t much I could do about it.

Fast forward to May of 2016, when I used a work-issued mobile phone and the Salesforce Events app to track conference sessions I was attending, all while using Chatter on Salesforce1 to stay in touch with my team. It didn’t matter if I was responding to emails while waiting in line to get coffee, or reviewing blog post edits in a Google doc, I was fully connected and thus highly productive.

The world has come a long way in terms of mobile connectivity, and here at Salesforce, we’re getting a front-row glimpse of the innovative ways our customers are running their business from their phones. Earlier this year, we ran a contest we dubbed Salesforce1 Smart Move, asking customers to tell us how they’ve used Salesforce1 to transform their business. They sent  us a screenshot of their custom action, integrated partner app, business use case and other activations in Salesforce1.

We received hundreds of awesome entries — and they were all really great. We took 5 of our favorite stories and put them in an e-book. From delivering fast, efficient support, to tracking consulting hours, we want to show you how people are using Salesforce1 to work smarter and faster. In this e-book, you’ll see real world examples of how people use Salesforce1 every day:

  • Smarter business operations. Get a holistic view of all your data and information to solve technical challenges.

  • Always-on support. Supporting users wherever they are— at their desks, in breakrooms, or in the field.

  • Efficient time management. Easily log consultation hours or keep track of your own productivity.

  • Tracking connected cars. The Internet of Things helps you keep tabs on your moving workforce.

  • Fast, accurate customer service. Keep technicians in the field completely connected from one job to the next.

Find out more about what  customers can do on their phones in our free e-book, How Salesforce1 Customers Run Their Business From Anywhere, and check out some of the innovative ways they use Salesforce1.