OREANDA-NEWS. September 07, 2016. Do you ever wonder how smart, successful leaders got to where they are … and what they do every day to stay there?

So do we. That’s why we asked Liz Bushell, one of Salesforce’s successful female leaders. After starting her career developing and managing business applications for the New South Wales Police Service, Bushell has spent the last 21 years working for global software companies … and she seriously knows her stuff! In 2010 she joined Salesforce’s Sydney office, and now leads our Customer Success at Scale strategy and execution for Asia-Pacific markets through her role as Regional Vice President, Customers for Life Portfolio Lead.

So you might wonder: how does Bushell drive her career forward, maintain great relationships with her high-performing team of 22 employees … oh, and have time to be an awesome mum to her 14 year old son? What habits enable her to “do it all” (or at least, “do a lot of it”)?

We got the inside scoop from our Salesforce Woman of the Month on what she focuses on every day to achieve such impressive results. Take a look.

1. I start every morning with … my family. They keep me grounded and happy!

2. I prioritize my workload based on ... deadlines and the impact projects will have on the business.

3. I make sure meetings are productive and efficient by … having an agenda, staying on topic but allowing others space for exploring an idea or line of thinking.

4. I maintain good relationships with teammates by … learning about what makes each person tick, and taking the time to have a laugh!

5. I try to be a good manager by … motivating and supporting the people around me to be the best they can be, challenging them to deliver results and win as a team, and turning the focus on others instead of myself. I also never compromise my 1:1 time.

6. I encourage collaboration on my team ... by regularly inviting comments and ideas. We openly source ideas and ask each other for assistance in our team Chatter group and at monthly team meetings.

7. I keep my energy up during the day … without even trying. My passion for what I do keeps me going. And coffee and chocolate don’t hurt.

8. I continue challenging myself in my career by ... keeping an open mind to what I might do next, getting involved in global initiatives, stepping up to bigger roles when they arise, and painting a bigger vision than the one I have today.

9. I am currently learning … to improve all forms of communication. Communication is a skill you can always improve, no matter what, so I think about it and work on it daily.

10. I stay innovative by …. specifically setting time aside to incubate ideas, whiteboarding an idea with others to explore options, and always thinking three or four steps ahead.

11. I balance work and personal life by … not getting too hung up about it. If I love what I'm doing, then it's not a chore – it's the life I choose to lead. Work is a big part of my life and who I am.

12. I invest in my own happiness by … watching Formula 1 racing! It’s my favorite spectator sport. I love the fast pace, strategy, and sheer determination it takes to get behind the wheel – it motivates me to continue taking risks!

13. I always remember that … I am in charge of my own destiny – no one else!

The Salesforce Woman of the Month campaign turns the spotlight on the amazing women who help make Salesforce one of the World’s Most Innovative Companies according to Forbes and one of Fortune Magazine’s Best Companies to Work For. Honorees are nominated by fellow employees and selected by a dedicated committee that works to ensure a variety of roles and regions are honored.

To hear more from Liz Bushell, make sure to connect with her on LinkedIn and Twitter. And stay tuned for more career tips and tools for success from our next Salesforce Woman of the Month, coming your way in September.

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