OREANDA-NEWS. September 05, 2016. What if your approach to innovation was inspired by the startup playbook?

Startups have continuously:

  • Challenged the status quo

  • Sought increased speed and flexibility

  • Iterated on product, adapting to customer needs

  • Hired rockstar talent

In short, startups are a constant source of inspiration.

This year at Dreamforce, Salesforce for Startups, our global startup program, invites you to get inspired by the startup community.

We’ve put together six innovative panels featuring some of the hottest startups speaking on topics ranging from HealthTech and AI to Big Data.

Check out these six sessions featuring 20+ startup founders and leaders:

1. The Corporate Guide to the Startup Ecosystem

There are many ways big companies and startups can collaborate to challenge one another, foster innovation and partner to build better products. Our panelists will share their experience working at the intersection of these two worlds and provide a few tips on how to build win-win relationships in your local startup ecosystem.

When: Tuesday, October 4 | 2:30pm

Where: Developer Forest, Moscone West, 1st Floor | Mobile Theater

2. How AI Startups Will Impact the Enterprise

AI is ready for business. Many forms of artificial intelligence, from decision support to fully automated systems, are disrupting industries. Join our panel of experts to learn how AI startups are transforming tomorrow's society and why you should leverage AI for better decision making.

When: Wednesday, October 5 | 10:45am

Where: Developer Forest, Moscone West, 1st Floor | Mobile Theater

3. Attract Millennials With a Give Back Culture

Millennials need to feel a sense of purpose. Studies show they want to make a difference in their communities, near and far. How can you cultivate a company culture that will attract, retain and motivate millennial employees and customers? Leave this session with innovative ideas to help you integrate giving back into your company culture.

When: Wednesday, October 5 | 11:15am
Where: Developer Forest, Moscone West, 1st Floor | Innovation Theater

4. HealthTech: Startup Innovation in Healthcare

Learn how startups are helping us incorporate healthcare into our daily lives. From a virtual nurse to devices that help us monitor and regulate what goes into our bodies, you'll hear from some of the hottest HealthTech startups.

When: Wednesday, October 5 | 4:15pm

Where: Developer Forest, Moscone West, 1st Floor | Mobile Theater

5. How to Build a Data-Driven Culture

Everyone wants data, but what do you do with it? Our panel of data gurus will share how they think about data and incorporate it into their company culture, from what data matters to how they use that data to drive product and marketing decisions.

When: Thursday, October 6 | 12:15pm

Where: Developer Forest, Moscone West, 1st Floor | Mobile Theater

6. eCommerce: How Startups Reinvent Customer Loyalty

Retail and eCommerce have always been reliant upon customer loyalty. Learn how some of the hottest startups are using technology – and a little creativity –  to reinvent the way we think about customer loyalty.

When: Thursday, October 6 | 3:30pm

Where: Developer Forest, Moscone West, 1st Floor | Innovation Theater

More Inspiration

In between sessions, visit the Startup Valley [link to landing page when available] where we will showcase more than 30 startups from down the street and across the globe. Stop by to check out what they do, and how Salesforce enables them to do it. On Friday, we’ll feature the first batch of the Salesforce Incubator.

The Startup Valley is located in the Developer Forest in Moscone West, 1st Floor.

Also, don’t miss startups pitching live to legendary investors Mark Cuban and Chris Sacca in a battle for up to \\$150,000 in investment from Salesforce Ventures at the first-ever Dreampitch competition. Dreampitch happens on Tuesday, October 4 at 1pm in Moscone West, 3rd Floor.