OREANDA-NEWS. September 19, 2016. Whether youre a Fortune 500 or a company of five, youll be inspired to grow personally and professionally at Dreamforce.

This year, Dreamforce will be bigger and better than ever. Youll watch the future unfold in front of you, thanks to keynotes by innovators and world-changers like Melinda Gates, Rep. John Lewis, and Captains Scott and Mark Kelly.

Dreamforce is massive, and while you cant take in every breakout session and participate in every after-party, you can stay organized and make the most of your time. The best way to keep track of everything at Dreamforce is the magical device in your pocket: your smartphone.

With these nine useful apps, you can plan your time at Dreamforce, navigate San Francisco, and stay in touch with whats going on at home. We recommend downloading these apps before you take off for your Dreamforce experience.

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1. Official Dreamforce app. This is your go-to guide to Dreamforce. Register for breakout sessions (note, first-timers: this is key), create a personalized agenda for the week, and network with your fellow attendees. The app will be available soon! Search for Dreamforce in the App Store and Google Play.

2. Google Maps or another maps tool. Time is of the essence at Dreamforce we pack a lot into four days. Always be aware of how long itll take to walk to another location in San Francisco or drive back to the airport by using a reliable mapping tool.

3. Snapchat. I anticipate that this will be the first Dreamforce where Snapchat plays a major role. In the past year, Snapchat has grown its daily active user base to even surpass Twitter. Capture your Dreamforce experience in the moment by snapping all the excitement from your unique perspective (and dont forget to follow Salesforce on Snapchat for fun surprises!).

4. Twitter or other Twitter client. Twitter will be ablaze with Dreamforce chatter October 4-7. Use the official #DF16 hashtag to follow along with keynotes and find others in your industry to follow. And dont forget to follow the events official accounts: @dreamforce and @salesforce

5. LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the perfect digital business card. Instead of carrying around stacks of paper business cards at Dreamforce, simply add new contacts on the LinkedIn app. Its quick to have someone type in his or her name in LinkedIn and add them on the spot for further contact post-Dreamforce.

6. Uber, Lyft, or other ridesharing services. Dreamforce offers shuttles around the campus area and to Dreamforce hotels, but you may also need a ridesharing service to get to the airport, parties, or personal meetings. San Francisco drivers will be happy to give you a ride the week of Dreamforce.

7. Evernote or other note-taking app. Mind-blowing insights are par for the course at Dreamforce. Make sure you have a way to quickly take notes during sessions so you can act on what you learned when you return back to the office. Evernote and similar apps also back up your notes, so everything is stored safely.

8. Email, Slack, or another way to stay in touch with work. We wish everyone at your company could come to Dreamforce, but thats probably unlikely. Business doesnt stop while youre at Dreamforce, so make sure youve installed the apps that correspond with your workplace communication tools on your smartphone so you can address issues on the go.

9. A weather app. San Francisco weather, while often beautiful, is unpredictable. A reliable weather or precipitation-predicting app like Dark Sky can help you plan walks and transportation around hourly forecasts. Dont forget that ridesharing apps will likely surge in price if weather worsens and people flock to vehicles for escape.

Whats your favorite way to multitask or stay organized during Dreamforce? Let fellow #DF16 attendees know by tweeting and using the hashtag.

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