OREANDA-NEWS. August 31, 2016. Things change fast in business. If it’s not a new technology shaking up your industry, it’s a shift in consumer expectations, a new disruptor on the block, or a revolutionary business strategy to test out.

We know general change is the norm for any growing business, but what we don’t know are the specifics of how successful companies are navigating these shifts.

So, we asked. Over five days, we talked to 313 small business leaders from across the U.S. They shared the challenges they’re facing, the goals they’re prioritizing, and which strategies they’re using to drive growth in 2016.

So what’s the primary goal of high-growth companies today? 53 percent say keeping customers happy tops the list.

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But customer success isn’t just a top goal — it’s also a top challenge. 30 percent of small business leaders say that deepening those customer relationships is the most pressing challenge for their marketing teams right now.

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