OREANDA-NEWS. March 14, 2018. SelfStorageAuction.com, one of America’s largest and fastest growing online self-storage auction companies, announced today it is merging with iBid4Storage.com, a global online self-storage auction company.

Both companies use an eBay-style format in which self-storage operators post pictures and videos of units up for auction, along with descriptions of unit contents. Potential buyers can bid on units via their computer, tablet or smartphone after they sign up for a free website account. The Public Sale Platform allows bidders to participate in auctions outside of their immediate areas and pick up the items in the days following the lien sale.

The new company will bring efficiencies and significant cost savings to self-storage facility owners worldwide, who no longer need to experience the inconvenience of on-site storage auctions. Online auctions of abandoned self-storage units, made famous through reality television shows like Storage Wars, are moving to a new battleground – international.

“SelfStorageAuction and iBid4Storage have the same business goals and plan. We both concentrate only on storage auctions, unlike our competitors who have other businesses taking away their focus. When we first sat down and met, I immediately realized our business philosophies and company synergies were aligned so well, combining our resources only made sense to become the dominant web site to go to no matter where you own a facility with offices now in the United States, Canada, and Australia.

“Together we create a significant client base and substantial infrastructure, a really good consolidation of talents, resources and market share,” said James Grant, who is the original conceptualizer and founder of online storage auctions, and former CEO of StorageBattes.com and StorageTreasures.com, and current CEO of SelfStorageAuction.com.

”We are excited to join forces with Jim’s company. Both iBid4Storage and SelfStorageAuction have our distinctive strengths and as a joint collaboration will enable us to deliver a better online product and experience for our users,” stated Leon Benghiat, CEO of iBid4Storage.