OREANDA-NEWS. September 14, 2016. Swyft Media today announced that it is launching a series of iMessage apps empowering brands to reach millions of consumers with branded stickers static images and GIFs within one of the worlds most popular mobile messaging applications. Swyft Media provides major brands, movie studios and professional sports teams, among others, with an easy, effective and impactful way to get their brand into the explosive mobile messaging space by creating and placing branded content that is designed to engage and influence consumers and entice them to share with friends.

Swyft is among the first to offer branded content in iMessage launching close to 100 digital sticker and emoji packs on behalf of The Backstreet Boys, Peanuts, Sausage Party, the New York Rangers, the Dallas Mavericks, Virginia Tech, UCLA and the University of Utah, among others. Swyft Media Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Monotype Imaging Holdings, Inc. (Nasdaq: TYPE).

Mobile messaging has proven to be an extremely effective way for us to engage with our fans, said

Derek Roberto, vice president of Content New Media and Entertainment at Peanuts Worldwide/Iconix Entertainment. Swyft enables us to reach a vast number of consumers with content they enjoy using in a place where they are spending a huge amount of time.

Dave Lang, director of digital media for the Baltimore Ravens, said, Being among the first to provide our content to fans through iMessage gives us a new and unique method through which they can interact with their favorite team.

The App Store for iMessage provides Swyft Media a global platform to reach consumers with branded content. Swyft currently has approximately 60 application partners within the Swyft Media Network and through its Swyft Mobile Engagement Platform, allows brands to create, deliver and analyze content to many of the top mobile messaging applications in the world through tailored campaigns based on specific metrics that include desired demographics, geographies, brand KPIs and much more.

Evan Wray, co-founder and vice president of Swyft Media, said, The mobile messaging space is a potential goldmine for brands looking to reach young consumers in a way that makes a lasting impact through both engagement and brand loyalty. Apples decision to open up its hugely popular iMessage application is validation that this growing medium has become an increasingly important part of our culture and a great avenue for brands to engage consumers at scale in a way that doesnt feel forced. We believe Apples new approach will create tremendous opportunity for brands to quickly take advantage of the reach that mobile messaging apps can deliver.

About Swyft Media

Swyft Media helps brands and advertisers become a part of the worlds largest conversation by creating and distributing branded content that consumers want, love and share with friends across a wide variety of mobile apps. Swyft Medias innovative Mobile Engagement Platform gives advertisers and brands an opportunity to use branded ad units like emoji, digital stickers, GIFs, photo frames, photo filters, chat and video to reach and engage millennials and young consumers in the places they spend the most time mobile apps. The combination of Swyfts Mobile Engagement Platform and design expertise helps brands and advertisers drive highly engaging, measurable and amplified marketing campaigns, and potentially reach one billion monthly active users worldwide. To date, Swyft has worked with more than 300 popular global brands such as MillerCoors, Ford, Jose Cuervo and 1-800-Flowers to create deep consumer engagement. Through its relationship with approximately 60 application partners, Swyft boasts one of the largest opportunities for brands to reach younger consumers in a way that feels natural and unobtrusive. For more information visit www.swyftmedia.com or follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Swyft is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Monotype Imaging Holdings, Inc. (Nasdaq: TYPE).

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