OREANDA-NEWS. October 04, 2016. TCS Group Holding PLC (TCS LI) (the "Group"), Russia's leading provider of online retail financial services, including Tinkoff Bank and Tinkoff Insurance, announces that Tinkoff Bank has launched Tinkoff Investments, a new platform enabling customers to invest in securities online. This new service is being launched in partnership with BCS Broker as part of the Tinkoff.ru financial marketplace.

Oliver Hughes, CEO of Tinkoff Bank, commented: "We remain committed to our plans to continue building on the Tinkoff.ru financial marketplace by launching new products. We are excited to introduce Tinkoff Investments, a new tool for managing personal investments. Flexible and user-friendly, the service will be appreciated by new and advanced customers alike. It will help us win new customers, support our transactional arm, and further build up our fee and commission income."

Alexander Emeshev, Vice President, New Products Development at Tinkoff Bank, added: "If used properly, financial market instruments can generate higher yields than bank deposits, and we see no reason why our customers can't benefit from that. We saw a need in the market for an instrument that makes the advantages of the stock market accessible for everyone, regardless of their job or education. This was the main driver behind us creating this new platform, which offers an extremely user-friendly interface."

With Tinkoff Investments, users can select securities via their account at Tinkoff.ru and buy them using a credit or a debit card. The service is available both for Tinkoff customers as well as customers of other banks.

Tinkoff Investments covers securities listed on the Moscow Exchange and some of the leading global markets, including the NYSE and NASDAQ. Assets available for investment include the stock of Russian and international companies, RUB and USD denominated bonds, and foreign currencies at the market value. Customers will be able to access all currencies and markets using one brokerage account at Tinkoff Investments. Securities prices are set at the time of purchase, allowing customers to buy a certain amount of securities for a fixed price. Instant top-ups with no fees applied enables users to directly purchase securities using their bank card.

A key advantage of the Tinkoff Investments platform is a quicker settlement cycle. In other services, the standard settlement cycle for other services is T+2, which means that customers have to wait for two days for their transaction to be settled. Tinkoff Bank's investment platform utilises T+0, meaning customers can access their proceeds immediately after the transaction is completed. Tinkoff Investments also offers a lower minimum threshold for eurobonds investments, applying a minimum investment of USD 1,000 compared to USD 100,000 in international markets.

As part of the Tinkoff.ru financial marketplace, Tinkoff Bank continues diversifying its portfolio, developing its own products and launching new services as part of the Tinkoff.ru financial supermarket. To date, Tinkoff Bank has already launched a mortgage platform under a number of partnership agreements and introduced services for SMEs.