OREANDA-NEWS. A Russian tourist, who often traveled to Muslim Arab countries, said that it was their inhabitants who turned out to be the most "annoying". She shared her observations in a blog on the Yandex.Zen platform.

First of all, the author of the publication cited Egypt as an example and clarified that most of the women resting there complain not only about the staff in hotels, but also about men outside them.

She says that courtesies for girls in Egypt are often shown by hotel staff, and this can happen right on the beach. Men there invitingly look, whistle and in various ways try to attract the attention of girls-tourists.

In addition, the author of the article mentioned Tunisia. In this country, according to her observations, on excursions in the desert, the Arabs, who provided camels for riding, invited the girls to meet in the evening.

She also named Bahrain among the states with the most "annoying" men - there, according to the traveler, during her walks along the street, car drivers stopped nearby and offered something. At the same time, she admits that in Bahrain it is not the locals who harass the most, but the migrant workers.

According to the poll results of the Rambler-Travel portal, Russian men in Sochi are quite smiling and benevolent, in Turkey they give women compliments and attention, but more often than not there is nothing good behind it, and in Abkhazia they love to get to know each other, and never insist upon being refused.