OREANDA-NEWS. A new direction of tourism is actively developing in Russia. Many who have long dreamed of visiting closed industrial facilities can finally do it. For example, in the Amur Region, excursions to the Bureyskaya, Nizhne-Bureyskaya, Zeiskaya hydroelectric power stations and the Vostochny cosmodrome are already being conducted for those who wish.

According to Natalya Khramova, the chief manager of the Tourist Information Center of the Amur Region, the most popular place among tourists is, of course, the new cosmodrome. Although it is not easy to get to closed industrial and cosmic objects, Russian citizens need 22 days to issue a pass, but travel agencies help them with this.

After arriving at the cosmodrome, tourists immediately get to its main objects - the launch complex, the assembly and test complex, where the rocket is assembled. Tourists can see a mobile service tower - a unique design that is not used at other spaceports. Here the rocket is placed vertically and prepared for launch. By the way, since 2018, about two thousand tourists, including foreigners, have visited the cosmodrome.

In fact, there are more than 30 enterprises in the Amur Region, where you can organize production excursions. These are mining, processing, agricultural companies, light industry enterprises, scientific organizations, facilities of the Ministry of Defense. Tourists will also be interested in local crafts and craft workshops - woodworking industries, agricultural farms.