OREANDA-NEWS. Food industry enterprises warned the FAS about the threat of a rise in the price of products due to an increase in the cost of packaging by 10-15 percent, according to a letter from Rusprodsoyuz (RPS). It is reported by RIA Novosti.

The document notes that since the end of last year, the members of the union have been warned of an increase in the price of plastic packaging. Suppliers explained the change by an increase in the cost of raw materials: for example, polyethylene has risen in price since June 2020 by 25-30 percent - up to 115 thousand rubles per ton.

"On average, the increase for plastic packaging and containers is 10-15 percent," the appeal says.

As explained by the deputy chairman of the board of Rusprodsoyuz Dmitry Leonov, packaging accounts for about a third of the cost of food production. And its rise in price will lead to higher prices.

The Russian Union of Bakers reported a 70 percent increase in the cost of packaging since the end of last year. SIBUR noted that prices on the Russian and world markets have increased due to demand for polymers and higher prices for raw materials.

Earlier, the Association of Retail Companies warned about the possibility of higher prices for non-food products. This is due to the rise in the cost of sea and rail container traffic from China and the countries of Southeast Asia. Prices for home appliances and electronics can rise by ten to twenty percent, and other goods by five to seven percent.