OREANDA-NEWS. In 2021, a third of Russians decided not to take summer vacation. This was reported by the State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company "Tula" with reference to the data of the research center.

The report says: “According to an online survey that was conducted by the company from April 25 to 30 in all regions of the country and in which 2,000 respondents took part, 31% of participants decided not to take a vacation this summer. This is less than in the pandemic 2020 year, when, according to research, more than half of Russians decided to do without summer vacations. "

One of the reasons for the refusal of citizens from summer vacations is the fear of the congestion of Russian resorts and high prices. The respondents also indicated the still closed borders of most countries, a high dollar exchange rate, a lack of funds for recreation and a difficult epidemiological situation in the world.

According to the survey results, of those who are still going to take a vacation in the summer, 23% plan to relax in their country house or outdoors, 21% - to travel in Russia or abroad, 15% - to stay at home, and 9% of respondents have not yet decided, how it will be conducted.

Meanwhile, almost a million Russians have taken advantage of the tourist cashback program. This was announced by the Prime Minister of Russia Mikhail Mishustin, speaking with a report in the State Duma.

“Many people this year were unable to go on vacation abroad. On the instructions of the President, the government launched a program to reimburse citizens for part of their travel expenses in Russia through the Mir card,” said the head of the Cabinet. almost a million people. About 4 billion rubles were returned to people. "