OREANDA-NEWS The e-Commerce company Alibaba sold on the day of the shopping of goods at 213.5 billion yuan ($30.8 billion) and broke its last year's record. This was reported on Sunday by CNBC.

According to CNBC, in 2017 the cost of goods sold by Alibaba amounted to 168.2 billion yuan (about $24.2 billion). The channel notes that in the first 85 seconds of sales, products worth $1 billion were sold.

According to Bloomberg, the Chinese Internet giant managed to beat last year's record in 16 hours. On this day, within 24 hours, prices on all online trading platforms of the company are significantly reduced. This year the action started earlier than usual - at 16:00 Moscow time on November, 10.

As it is noted in the message, in ten countries from which most of all bought goods, Japan, the USA, Korea, Australia, Germany, Great Britain, France, Spain, New Zealand enters. Italy closes the top.

Among the most popular buyers was the products of Xiaomi, Apple and Dyson.

Day of total sales, called in China the day of the bachelor or the world day of shopping, since 2009, is held annually on the grounds of the Alibaba on November 11. Four “1” represent unmarried people. The tradition of celebrating this holiday originated in the 1990s in the Chinese University environment, when people buy gifts for themselves on this day.

Over the past year, the yuan weakened against the dollar, which means that in order to break last year's record in dollar terms, the Corporation had to sell more goods. And after a couple of hours-at 17:34 Beijing time-the company managed to do this. A few hours before the end of the sale, Alibaba sold goods for more than $25.3 billion.

Earlier it was reported that the founder and head of the Chinese company Alibaba Jack MA decided to retire.