OREANDA-NEWS When iPhones are brought to Russia through parallel imports, prices for smartphones will not rise too much, said Alexander Anfinogenov, an independent expert on the FMCG market. Moreover, according to the expert, with the popularization of the import of goods without the consent of the copyright holders, retail prices for Apple equipment may even decrease, writes ABN.

Apple users remember that phones, tablets and computers certified by Rostest cost more in official stores than those bought at Gorbushka. At the same time, there were no significant differences between the devices,” Anfinogenov noted.

"The analyst urged not to wait for the return of prices for gadgets to the level of early 2022. According to Anfinogenov, taking into account the introduction of a system of parallel imports, great opportunities have appeared in the home appliances and electronics market. However, in relation to other segments, more serious difficulties may arise with this", the specialist concluded.

Earlier, business in Russia began to make the first purchases of gadgets as part of parallel imports. In particular, the M.Video network began to import test batches of equipment into the country without the consent of the copyright holders. At the same time, the company bypasses Apple products.