OREANDA-NEWS. Iceland is ready to receive tourists fully vaccinated against COVID-19 without quarantine, according to the press service of the country's government.

Until now, this exemption has only applied to those who come from the EU area, and now it applies to everyone who is vaccinated with a vaccine certified for use by the European Medical Agency.

It also applies to those who can provide evidence that they have had the coronavirus. The documentation should be compiled in accordance with the requirements specified by the Icelandic Chief Epidemiologist.

Katrin Jakobsdottir, Prime Minister of Iceland, said that they all hope for a slow and safe return to normal life, including the resumption of travel, which is valuable for culture, commerce and entrepreneurship. He stressed that the decision to apply border benefits for vaccinated persons in countries outside the EU area is a logical continuation of the current Icelandic policy.

Chief epidemiologist Thorolfur Goodnason noted that there is very little risk of infection from people who have acquired immunity against the disease either through vaccination or as a result of a previous infection.

Iceland has announced that it will use a color-coded risk assessment at the border from 1 May. Travelers from low-risk areas will be exempted from quarantine measures if they submit a negative PCR test for coronavirus.