OREANDA-NEWS. May 26, 2016. You can now check out a new beta version of Apple's mobile software if you're a member of the company's testing program.

A day after Apple rolled out the first iOS 9.3.3 beta to developers, it pushed out the software to public testers, MacRumors reported Tuesday. The beta is available to all members of the program, with one exception.

Users with an 9.7-inch iPad Pro can't yet get their hands on the new beta. That's because iOS 9.3.2 caused trouble for owners of that tablet by bricking the device, meaning that installing the update locked up the devices and prevented them from restarting.

The first beta of iOS 9.3.3 apparently does not contain a fix for this problem, though the final product likely will. Apple has said it's investigating the problem.

Apple checks out each new edition of its mobile operating system internally and also seeds beta versions to app developers for external testing. But bugs may still appear after the product has been installed by millions of customers. When beta testing is opened up to the public, as Apple did last year, more glitches can be caught before the final version is released.