OREANDA-NEWS. TriNet (NYSE: TNET), a leading cloud-based provider of HR services, today introduced TriNet Technology, a product tailored to address the critical HR needs of small to midsize businesses (SMBs) in the technology industry. In a fiercely competitive industry, TriNet Technology relieves the burden of HR management and allows C-level executives and HR professionals to focus on delivering innovative products and driving their business.

TriNet Technology offers a scalable and complete HR infrastructure that serves the needs of technology SMBs. Its top-tier benefit plans, technology platform and immigration services help companies attract and retain top talent, help ensure HR compliance and manage risk, including Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI). This gives SMB executives the peace of mind that comes from protection against employment-related lawsuits and claims.

Key features of TriNet Technology allow executives to focus on driving innovation and running their business:

  • Top-tier benefits: TriNet Technology SMBs can attract and retain top talent with access to comprehensive group benefit plans. Through TriNet, SMBs can offer their employees group insurance and retirement plans available through industry leaders that cover thousands of companies and hundreds of thousands of plan participants. This allows for plan designs and cost structures that are often out of reach for SMBs.
  • Scalable infrastructure: With automated payroll, TriNet Technology helps companies manage growth and contain overhead costs. An experienced service team with extensive technology industry expertise and a cloud-based platform provide companies the operational scale necessary to achieve business success.
  • International services: Hiring international employees involves various departments, including finance, legal, and human resources. It also includes regulatory agencies such as the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and the Department of Labor. TriNet Technology helps automate the process and centralize the data, making it easier to plan recruiting, forecast employment costs and track visa status. Through TriNet's connection to an extensive network of experienced immigration attorneys, TriNet Technology simplifies the hiring and retaining of top international talent.
  • Equity management: Technology companies who offer stock and equity plans can leverage the product's equity management functionality. TriNet Technology enables clients to easily and securely collaborate, model, trade and manage equity through an integrated cloud-based solution.
  • Compliance: TriNet Technology reduces employment-related risks for technology SMBs through comprehensive HR compliance and risk management across all 50 states. Technology SMBs can pursue their growth strategies knowing TriNet will help ensure compliance with federal, state and local regulatory requirements. By offering EPLI and HR compliance services, TriNet Technology frees management to focus on what they do best: creating and delivering innovative technology products and services.

Supporting Quotes

Chris Onan, Co-Founder and Chief Financial Officer, Galvanize

"Galvanize provides talent and workspace to technology businesses, so we know first-hand the complex challenges rapidly growing technology companies face. They need solutions that help with handling immigration issues when hiring overseas employees, an applicant tracking system to simplify hiring and support to ensure compliance and protection from HR risks. Technology business owners and leaders can really benefit from surrounding themselves with products such as TriNet Technology that are designed specifically for them."

David Yeom, Co-Founder and CEO, Hollar

"We were able to extensively test and experience the features and benefits of the new TriNet Technology product. In particular, we were impressed with expense management, applicant tracking, the mobile app and TriNet Marketplace. We are excited about implementing the product and seeing it broadly adopted across the U.S. by technology SMBs like ourselves. Based on our experience, we believe our implementation of TriNet Technology will result in significant time savings and employee satisfaction."

Pravin Kumar, Vice President of Product Management, TriNet

"Based on the success of our existing vertical products, we developed TriNet Technology to address the HR needs of the ultra-competitive technology industry. We are excited about powering business success for technology SMBs through this unique offering. With TriNet Technology, clients receive deep expertise, as well as reliable and scalable access, via a cloud and mobile platform, to everything they need -- from HR compliance services to employee management to payroll and benefits administration."