OREANDA-NEWS. At the end of eight months of 2016 by the program of preferential car loans it was sold 178,980 cars, the most popular by this program also became the models LADA (share 30%), Hyundai, Volkswagen, Renault and Nissan, according to the data of Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia.

According to the "Rusfinance Bank", the share of the program in credit sales of new cars is around 40-45%. As the head of product policy management of car loans department of "Rusfinance Bank", Alexey Borodavin, informed the agency "AUTOSTAT", a state program support of auto loans is the main driver of Russian car loan market in the current situation.

More than a third of sales "Rusfinance Bank" under the state program fall on the brand LADA, then with a large margin there are KIA and Hyundai. "If we talk about the models, then the most popular, according to our statistics, there are KIA Rio, Hyundai Solaris and LADA Granta, which corresponds to the overall structure of sales in the market", - said a senior vice president, director of automotive business of VTB 24, Alexey Tokarev.