OREANDA-NEWS. More than 40 cafes and bars in St. Petersburg opposed the decision of the local authorities to close the work of establishments in the early days of the new year and intend to continue serving guests. The list of catering establishments that oppose the city's bans is presented on the project's website called "Map of Resistance".

According to RBC, the idea of creating such a card belongs to businessman Alexander Konovalov.

The entrepreneur noted that back in September, people paid for events in late December and early January. Now, according to him, customers are demanding a refund. He says that you can return money to customers only if you work illegally.

Last week, the St. Petersburg administration introduced new restrictions related to the spread of coronavirus infection. From December 30 to January 3, bars, cafes and restaurants of the city will not be able to receive visitors. Only establishments at train stations, gas stations and the airport will work. In addition, take-out and delivery establishments and industrial canteens will operate. From 25 to 29 December and from 4 to 10 January, establishments will not be able to accept customers from 19.00 to 6.00.

Also, in addition to cafes and restaurants, from December 30 to January 10, theaters, museums and concert venues are suspended in the city.

The day before, the governor of St. Petersburg warned that the city would face a complete lockdown if its residents did not comply with the restrictions.