OREANDA-NEWS Because of the cold and rainy summer, Russians buy rubber boots, raincoats and down jackets. About this, referring to the large retailers, write "Vedomosti".

According to Vyacheslav Ivaschenko, Wildberries Business Development Director, the demand for rubber shoes has increased fivefold. Also the most popular goods were warm hoodies, sweatshirts and children's waterproof overalls.

According to Julia Nikitina, managing director for digital marketing and product of Lamoda Group, the demand for rubber boots has increased by 144%, and raincoats - by 105%. Sales of down jackets, windbreakers and leather jackets increased by 60–70%, pullovers, sweatshirts, hoodies and shoes - by 40–50%.

With bad weather, Russians began to make less traditional summer purchases. Over the past three weeks, sales of ice cream and beer, for example, in the Moscow region decreased by half, drinking water - by 20% compared with the same period last year.

In June, the Russians began to spend more on one trip to the store. In comparison with the previous month, the average check in the country increased by half a percentage point, in the North-West - by 1.1%.