OREANDA-NEWS. Large business companies have started using online services for organizing business trips for their employees. The Smartway service is now considered the most famous online platform for business trips.

Externally, this is a platform that resembles the usual sites for buying tickets and staying in hotels. Employees enter the direction, dates and get all the available options at the best prices. At the same time, the company as a whole also receives additional services: 24/7 travel support, tools for coordinating and controlling expenses, closing documents, payment on the invoice and cashback from airlines.

At the same time, online platforms have built-in integration with 1C: Accounting, it does not require development, it is supported by 1C and is connected in two minutes. Tickets are automatically uploaded to 1C: Accounting and are taken into account upon purchase. When creating an advance report, tickets are automatically attached to it, and VAT is included in the purchase book.

Managers have their own advantages of using these services instead of the usual travel agencies. Online booking allows you to save all the actions of employees in the system: you can always see who agreed on trips, who buys tickets at the last moment, and who violates the company's travel policy. 

Experts believe that the transition to online booking for large companies is the best solution. Online services open up more business opportunities. They help to fully control the process of booking business trips and are easy to use at the same time.