OREANDA-NEWS. Users on the Sina Weibo website were impressed by the footage from the vacation of Russian President Vladimir Putin in Siberia. They appreciated the Russian leader's fitness and ATV driving skills.

Putin spent the weekend in Tuva in the company of Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, who showed the head of state a workshop where he makes wood crafts.

Chinese users, commenting on the publications, remembered the American President Joe Biden, whose age and state of health have recently become the reasons for jokes.

Users of the site jokingly offered to show the footage to the President of the United States and joked that Biden's mood must have dropped when he saw the footage with Putin.

"Biden probably couldn't even get into this car," another reader said. "Biden died of envy when Putin boldly jumped out of the all-terrain vehicle," commented another user. Some subscribers suggested that Biden would be shaking from the cold if he were in those places. Another user admitted that he could not even get into Putin's all-terrain vehicle.

Another user urged the American leader to work out with his Russian counterpart. All Chinese users noted Putin's athletic skills and advised Biden to try to win the favor of the Russian leader.