OREANDA-NEWS. Croatia has launched a project to attract so-called "digital nomads" to the country - people from countries outside the EU, including Russia, who can combine remote work with a long vacation. ATOR reports about it.

A temporary residence permit can be issued to freelancers for up to 12 months, said Raiko Ruzicka, head of Croatia's national tourism office in Russia. Such a document cannot be extended, but a new one can be drawn up six months after the old one expires.

The "digital nomad" will be able to live with his family, children will be able to study in a private or public school, and in the latter, teaching the Croatian language is free.

To obtain permission, a freelancer must fill out a questionnaire in Croatian or English, book a house, buy medical insurance, provide a bank statement, employer documents and a police clearance certificate. The papers will be reviewed by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and will send the applicant a temporary residence permit. Then you need to apply for a visa at the consulate.

Raiko Ruzhechka noted that the bleisure format - the combination of leisure and work - has already begun to spread in Russia. Many Russians now choose the Black Sea resorts for this. The Croatian authorities expect that with the closure of most European destinations, the opportunity to work and relax in the summer on the Croatian coast will attract those whose work or business involves a remote format.