OREANDA-NEWS. Deputy Roskoshestvo Ilya Loyev told that the cost of the wine should not be considered an indicator of its quality.

According to laeuski, Russian consumers believe that quality wine can cost less than 400-500 rubles. In the "Wine guide Russia" Roskoshestvo corresponding to refute the myth. This guide includes more than 150 high-quality wines, whose prices range from 250 to 500 rubles.

But quality imported wine in this range is much harder to find: the base selling prices in Europe for a bottle of wine is lower than in Russia, but transportation, customs duties, Bank loans importers, margins of trade networks for imported wine can be in 2-2,5 times higher, negate this advantage.

In addition, Ilya Loev noted that the term "wine", which causes consumers the myth that wine is made from a powder, in industrial terminology, means "wine is not bottled in consumer containers for sale to the public".