OREANDA-NEWS. In 2021, vacationers in the Maldives are much more likely than before to stay not in five-star hotels, but in budget accommodation facilities, ATOR reports.

Before the pandemic, the Maldives attracted exclusively wealthy Russian tourists. In the conditions of a scarce choice of available foreign destinations, travelers with a more modest budget have increasingly begun to pay attention to this region. They choose inexpensive and at the same time high-quality accommodation in guest houses on the islands where local residents live (they are called local).

Before the pandemic, such sites were popular with European tourists, especially citizens of Germany and Italy. They were eager to study the way of life of the Maldivians.

The stay of tourists in guesthouses on the local islands is regulated by special rules. For example, the beaches are allocated in a special area, where there is no special dress code. Guests can relax on the shared beaches, but bikinis are not allowed there. Also in non-tourist areas there is no alcohol on the menu of bars and restaurants. But for foreigners, they came up with their floating analogue - boats for evening cruises, where alcohol is sold.

According to the Ministry of Tourism of the Maldives, in the first half of 2021, 124.6 thousand guests from the Russian Federation visited it. Over the year, the proportion of those who preferred to stay in guest houses increased from 20 to 30 percent. The cost of a budget tour for a week for two starts from 120 thousand rubles. Hotel vouchers are at least twice as expensive.

Accommodation requirements for hotels and guesthouses differ. In hotels, tourists are required to have a negative PCR test taken no earlier than 96 hours before arriving in Male. With guest houses, the rules are more complicated: any island will accept immunized guests, and those without a vaccination certificate will only be welcomed by the one where 60 percent of the population, 95 percent of travel workers and 90 percent of people over 65 are vaccinated.