OREANDA-NEWS. Experts from France are studying how a long stay in space of elite wine affects it's quality, the portal «Ven Minut» reports on Thursday, March 25. Work is underway on 12 bottles of red wine «Chateau Petrus» 2000 from the Bordeaux wine region. The price of each of them is 5 thousand euros.

The wine spent 438 days and 19 hours on the ISS. The bottles were returned to Earth in early 2021. Then the drink was given a «rest» in the most suitable conditions for it's storage at the French research institute ISVV, which studies issues related to winemaking. In March, two bottles of «space» wine were tasted, and most of the experts said, that they felt differences compared to the wine of the same brand, that had not been in space.

«The presence of tasted bottles in space did not have a negative impact on the quality of this outstanding wine. Both bottles struck us with the complexity and subtlety of the aroma», said Philippe Darrier, one of the ISVV researchers. 11 out of 12 experts noted, that the wine has significant differences in color compared to it's «terrestrial» counterparts.

However, not all experts have caught these differences. So, the expert Frank Dubourdieu in early March told reporters, that the fundamental difference between the wines did not catch. «The wine in space has not deteriorated», he stated. Now experts plan to conduct a detailed research of the chemical composition of the wine that has been in space, to finally determine whether it is now different from the «terrestrial» analogues.