OREANDA-NEWS. Gasoline production in Russia increased in May by 36.5% in annual terms and 2.9% in monthly terms to 3.4 million tons, according to Rosstat.

Diesel fuel output increased in May by 2.7% in annual terms to 6.5 million tons.

Meanwhile, retail prices for gasoline increased on June 3-10 by an average of 15-30 kopecks, in a number of regions the price of fuel rose by 42 kopecks. for 1 liter.

Gas station prices increased on June 10-17 by an average of 13 kopecks. for 1 liter of gasoline.

In general, the average price of AI-92 gasoline increased by 4 kopecks last week. up to 45.52 rubles / liter, AI-95 - by 2 kopecks. up to 48.90 rubles / liter.

The average cost of diesel fuel for the week remained almost unchanged - 49.69 rubles / liter.

According to the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS), stocks of gasoline and diesel fuel in Russia increased from May 26 to June 2 to a record level over the past two years. At the same time, the Federal Antimonopoly Service does not name figures and volumes.

According to the Central Dispatch Administration (CDU) of the Fuel and Energy Complex, by May 31, the country's gasoline reserves amounted to 1.64 million tons, diesel fuel - 2.74 million tons.

Gasoline production in Russia exceeded domestic demand by 10-12%, Deputy Energy Minister Pavel Sorokin said earlier.

"We have a double surplus for diesel, that is, we produce twice as much as we consume. For gasoline, the surplus is 10-12%," Sorokin said.

“Our task is to provide the market with a sufficient amount of petroleum products to satisfy any scenarios of demand for gasoline,” the deputy minister concluded.