OREANDA-NEWS. The German government intends to strengthen the rights of consumers and make sure, that offers on the Internet become more transparent. The Cabinet on Wednesday, January 20, approved the relevant draft law developed by the German Ministry of Justice and brought into line with EU standards.

Among other things, specialized Internet portals, that compare products and services, will have to explain, what criteria they use to make ratings. They will have to report whether the seller paid for getting a higher place in search engines and whether the product is offered by a company or an individual. As for product reviews, sellers will henceforth have to communicate, how they can guarantee the authenticity of these ratings.

The publication of falsified reviews is strictly prohibited. Buyers affected by prohibited business practices will be entitled to compensation. The law also requires travel agents to better inform customers if the tour is offered primarily for the purpose of selling goods – a practice, that affects older people in the first place. It is especially strictly forbidden to sell medicines and food supplements on such excursions. For violation, a fine of up to 10 thousand euros is threatened.

The bill approved by the government will now go to the Bundestag for a vote.