OREANDA-NEWS. Russian vehicle manufacturer “AvtoVAZ” is enjoying buoyant sales of its Lada in Germany. German media, in particular “Stern” magazine, predicted SUV Lada 4x4 Vision success in European countries, if the price of this model does not exceed the price of its predecessor, Niva.

German media have not left without attention the Russian SUV Lada 4x4 Vision, which was presented to the public at the Moscow International Auto Show in 2018. Autoexperts from the German magazine “Stern” appreciated the peculiar design of the SUV.

According to analysts, Niva, the oldest off-road vehicle sold (and still available), is characterized by the optimal price, reliability, mobility and efficiency. In Europe, all-wheel drive Niva is available at a price of 11 thousand EUR. At the same time, the new Lada 4x4 Vision has strongly grown in size and received a new design. “Stern” experts pointed out the unusual look of the “broken” body, design of the X-shaped grille and headlights of Lada 4x4 Vision. They also noticed the high ground clearance of the SUV.

According to “Stern” experts, the new model has retained a visual similarity with the old Niva and also has a “militarized” appearance, but it looks more massive. “Developers followed the trend of making “tactical” products,” the newspaper notes. It is assumed that to the younger customers, the manufacturer will provide a range of bright colors for the SUV’s interior, and to those who like hunting and fishing they are going to offer models in restrained colors.

As noted in the publication, Lada 4x4, previously known as Niva, has remained virtually unchanged since 1978 and it has all the classical advantages of a Russian car - high cross-country ability, durability and reasonable price. Also, specialists say that the car has drawbacks - in particular, poor rust protection.

The publication states that the Lada 4x4 Vision will be produced on a new platform, which implies a modernized drive, as well as various driving modes and "smart” automation.

Last year, “AvtoVAZ” announced that it would complete the production of Lada Priora and would focus on the Lada 4x4 Niva, which is still popular in Russia and abroad. Mass production of the car will be started around 2022.