OREANDA-NEWS. A German tourist consumed a mysterious shamanic concoction and was wandering for seven days in the jungle of the Amazon. Edition LADbible writes about it.

According to the information of the publication, on April 13, it became known about the strange disappearance of tourist Daniel Florian from German Munich, who had previously gone to an indigenous reserve in the southwest of the Putumayo region, Colombia.

During his stay in Colombia, the man took part in a shamanic ritual and consumed psychedelic Yage's decoction, after which he disappeared without a trace. His family in Munich, having lost contact with him, worried and reported the disappearance of the tourist to the local authorities.

Seven days later, on April 21, Colombian soldiers found a half-naked Florian in the jungle under a whipped up makeshift shed - as the tourist himself said, he felt "not very good." After being found, the tourist complained that he was bitten by Amazonian mosquitoes and ants, and he did not have good equipment - so he spent seven days in the Amazon.

After being discovered in the Amazonian jungle, a German tourist was urgently taken to the Mokoa Putumayo City Hospital with dehydration and numerous cuts.