OREANDA-NEWS. Turkish hotels may close prematurely at the height of the tourist season. This is due to the lack of guests and a difficult epidemiological situation, writes Turizm Günlüğü.

According to the publication, the decision of the authorities of Great Britain and France to put Turkey in the «red» zone and make it difficult for tourists to visit the country can lead to similar consequences. As a result, many hotels have begun to consider the option of early closure during the holiday season.

«Double standards (on the part of France and Britain), a secret embargo or a lack of transparency in coordination with our ministries of health. We are facing very serious losses for many reasons», said Fahrettin Cicek, Chairman of the Commission for Tourism and Promotion of the Kusadasi Municipality.

On the other hand, earlier the Association of Tour Operators of Russia stated that hoteliers in Turkey do not intend to raise prices for Russians during the velvet season, they will try to keep them at the level of 2019.

As noted, businessmen are not going to raise prices so as not to scare off Russian tourists. In addition, some hotels have started to reduce prices, maintaining the level of service and food. There was also information that the season for vacationers can be extended to November.