OREANDA-NEWS. Motorists stand in a huge queue at a gas station in east London, despite the fact that there is no fuel, and in the central part of the British capital, the entrance to some gas stations is completely closed due to lack of fuel, RIA Novosti reports.

Britain has faced food supply chain disruptions in the past few months due to a shortage of truck drivers as well as fuel tankers. This led oil companies to close some gas stations. Residents of the country began to buy gasoline in a panic, despite the authorities' statements that there were no problems with fuel supplies.

Motorists in London lined up in a long queue that stretched over several blocks. Gas station employees, who chose to remain anonymous, told RIA Novosti that they do not expect fuel soon.

At the Shell petrol station on Old Bromton Street in South Kensington, the vehicle entrance is closed and all petrol stations read "Sorry, out of service." At a Shell grocery kiosk at the gas station, an employee confirmed there was no fuel.

About a kilometer from the Shell petrol station, the petrol stations at the ESSO petrol station are completely surrounded by metal fences with the words "Sorry, no diesel fuel" on them.

In the meantime, the British authorities assure that there are no problems with the reserves of the fuel itself in the country, and urge residents not to panic.

On Saturday, the UK government adopted a package of measures to address labor shortages in the country, including the issuance of 5,000 short-term visas to truck drivers. The UK Department of Business, Energy and Industry on Sunday decided to temporarily exclude the oil industry from competition law to minimize disruptions in the supply of fuel to gas stations.