OREANDA-NEWS. The Spanish association "New Life", which is engaged in the protection of women from violence, began to remove from the streets public service announcements from the "menu of Russian prostitutes", which caused indignation of the Russian diaspora, told RIA Novosti its representative Lourdes Jimenez.

A few days ago, social advertising banners appeared at bus stops in Cantabria in northern Spain. On them - a photo of the "menu", which says: "Menu of the day. Special dish: Russian virgin + cocaine - 50 euros." The list of Russian female names follows as the "main course" and their age is indicated - from 17 to 35 years. As a "supplement" - marijuana without a condom or cocaine with rape for 20 euros.

This advertisement caused outrage not only among the Russian diaspora in Spain, but also at the Russian embassy and the Russian House. Lawyer Oleg Gubarev told RIA Novosti that if the advertisement is not removed and an apology is not made, he is ready to "take legal action."

"We have already begun to remove these posters. They were posted only in Cantabria, I cannot say how many exactly, but not very many," the head of the association's projects, Lourdes Jimenez, told RIA Novosti. According to her, the association has received several calls from the Russian diaspora, including from the Russian House, and now an official apology is being prepared, which will be distributed publicly, and letters will be sent to all callers by e-mail.

"Our organization works against cruel treatment of people of all nationalities. We provide assistance to Russians, African women, Hispanics, Spanish women. And we never set out to single out a particular nationality," Lourdes said. She explained that the "menu" poster had won the competition. The association's Facebook page has a video of all the posters that participated in it, featuring women of different nationalities, Jimenez explained.

"I understand the reaction very well. I am sorry that this situation has developed. I myself am Spanish by passport, but by birth I am Mexican. When planning this campaign, we wanted to draw attention to the topic of pimps. To those who sell women, not judge women themselves ", - explained the idea of ​​creative advertising Lourdes.