OREANDA-NEWS According to the director of the federal company "Floors" Ildar Khusainov, the number of mortgage applications increased by more than 30% compared to the two previous months. Also, the demand for real estate in new buildings has increased. For the first time since February 2022, the real estate market is starting to gain momentum, despite the unfavorable economic conditions that were created thanks to the sanctions imposed against Russia by the countries of the collective West. For example, the booking of apartments in new buildings increased by 27%, compared with the average values in May. Stable growth in demand for new housing cannot be expected yet, because the population of Russia has taken a wait-and-see and cautious position, due to the economic situation in the country. "However, the recovery in demand may begin to boost prices for the most sought—after objects again," Khusainov said.

As previously reported, in May, the share of demand for suburban housing in Russia increased record-breaking, in some large cities in May and the first week of June, it exceeded the level of interest in apartment buildings.