OREANDA-NEWS. The Russian, whom the police of the city of Ho Chi Minh found on the street after 6 pm - the beginning of the "curfew" under the "Order on social distancing", which is now in force in the largest metropolis of Vietnam, received an administrative fine of 2.2 million Vietnamese dong (96.33 dollars), the VietnamExpress news portal reported on Thursday.

A tough lockdown, which includes a ban on leaving houses and moving around the streets from 18.00 to 06.00 (14.00 - 02.00 Moscow time), is in force in Ho Chi Minh City in connection with the strongest COVID-19 outbreak during the pandemic, the center of which is the main city of southern Vietnam. The ban on leaving houses is not called a "curfew," but administrative penalties are provided for violating it.

According to the newspaper, the twenty-five-year-old Russian, whose name the portal does not name, who was riding a bicycle along one of the streets of Ho Chi Minh City after 18.00, was stopped by the police, the portal said. It is noted that the young man started an argument with the police, shouting that he felt "too embarrassed" in the apartment, and that he needed a walk. According to the portal, which refers to the police, the man was detained and resisted during the arrest.

The lockdown regime in Ho Chi Minh City, the main center for the spread of the third wave of coronavirus infection in Vietnam, will operate until at least September 15, the portal recalls.

Since April 27, 2021, from the day from which the beginning of the third wave of coronavirus infection is counted in Vietnam, 297,921 people have become ill in the country. Of this number, 159,917 people contracted COVID19 in Ho Chi Minh City.