OREANDA-NEWS. New rules for entering the country for foreign citizens have come into force in Israel. They are reported by the press service of the Israeli Ministry of Tourism.

The borders are open to citizens or permanent residents who are abroad and have first-degree relatives in Israel. They have the right to come with their spouses and children, regardless of their citizenship.

In addition, foreigners can also enter the country, also with spouses and children who have Israeli relatives of the first degree (citizens or permanent residents) living in Israel.

At the same time, all foreigners wishing to come to Israel must provide documents on vaccination or recovery from coronavirus (except for infants under one year old). Confirmation of kinship for them will be done by checking the population register.

As before, entry into the country for foreign nationals is possible only after prior receipt of permission from the Population and Migration Board or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel, as well as only if there is a negative PCR test result, made no more than 72 hours before departure.

Upon arrival, it will be necessary to present medical insurance, including treatment for coronavirus. Also, during the period of stay in the country, self-isolation will need to be observed.