OREANDA-NEWSThe trade war between the United States and China will inevitably have an impact on the economic climate of the whole world and will affect Russia as well, the presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov told reporters, the Russian media reported. “Of course, rather, these are consequences with a minus sign, than with a plus sign. At the same time, it’s not worthwhile to exaggerate such consequences for our country, our economy is now, let's say, in terms of basic parameters, developing quite steadily”, "it cannot but have consequences for the world economic climate", stressed Peskov.

According to the spokesman for the head of state, the government’s measures to hedge risks from “international economic turbulence” have had a stabilizing effect on the economy. “With the US, things are disproportionately worse in terms of developing bilateral relations”, stated Peskov, “although our president has repeatedly spoken about our interest in developing trade and economic cooperation”. “Washington and Beijing may wage these trade wars, but this is not our war, Russia is interested in building independent relations with both China and the United States,” said Peskov.

The day before, on May 13, the Ministry of Finance of the People's Republic of China announced the introduction of increased duties on several thousand types of goods imported from the US totaling $ 60 billion. This measure was called a response to the actions of the US authorities, who imposed overseas Chinese goods worth $ 200 billion.

The US stock market reacted to the escalation of the trade war with the collapse of major stock indices. Following the results of May 13, the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) fell by 2.38%, the S & P 500 - by 2.41%, and the NASDAQ Composite - immediately by 3.41%.