OREANDA-NEWS. The Maldives could disappear by the end of the century if the world does not fight climate change quickly and in concert. This was stated by the Minister of Environment, Climate Change and Technology of the country Aminat Shauna.

According to her, if the environment continues to suffer the same damage as it is now, then by 2100 the Maldives "will not be."

“Climate change is real and we are the most vulnerable country in the world,” Shauna told CNBC.

She noted that today 80% of the Maldives are located at an altitude of only one meter above sea level. Shauna added that most of the islands are experiencing flooding, as well as erosion of the coastline.

Also, according to the minister, the Maldivian authorities have already made a number of efforts to minimize the impact of climate change. For example, the country is taking measures to protect coastal areas. The Maldives is also striving to become a leader in reducing greenhouse gas emissions in order to convince other countries to follow suit.

According to scientists, by 2100 the level of the World Ocean may rise by 1.1 meters. If such predictions come true, then the Maldives, located on coral atolls in the Indian Ocean, may be among the worst affected countries - the highest point of the archipelago barely reaches 2.4 m above sea level.