OREANDA-NEWSThe annual turnover of counterfeit luxury goods in Russia exceeded the legal market segment by almost 13%, the Russian newspaper reports on Monday citing a study by Brandmonitor, a company specializing in the protection of intellectual property and the fight against counterfeit.

According to the calculations, which leads the publication, the sales of replicas of luxury brands reaches 280 billion rubles in year. At the same time, according to estimates by Fashion Consulting Group (FCG), in 2018 sales of luxury fashion brands in Russia grew by 5% to 248 billion rubles. Thus, the volume of trade in counterfeit luxury can exceed the turnover of the legal segment of the market by almost 13%.

According to the publication, the main distribution channels of counterfeit with shares of 40% and 30% are shopping centers and clothing markets, respectively. At the same time, about 84 billion rubles is accounted for by online trading of counterfeit luxury goods, of which 25 billion rubles are sales through social networks and marketplace, the study says. It's noted that most customers buy fake T-shirts, sneakers, jeans and bags. In this case, when buying copies of luxury brands, they are guided, first of all, by the functionality of the product, the quality of its manufacture and an affordable price.

Brandmonitor expects that trade in counterfeit suites will grow and move online. Logistics is actively developing, there are more ways to deliver goods - the distribution of counterfeit in such conditions is more difficult to control, they say. At the same time, they point out in the company, the share of sales through social networks and instant messengers will increase. Artem Sokolov, head of the Association of E-commerce Companies, notes that it's easier to find counterfeit sellers on the Internet: it's enough to monitor online resources for key requests.