OREANDA-NEWS  McDonald's company lost a lawsuit against the Irish fast food chain Supermac's for the exclusive right to the trademark Big Mac. This decision was made by the intellectual property office of the European Union (EUIPO), reports the Irish Times.

McDonald's tried to stop Supermac's expansion across the EU. At the same time, the American company claimed that consumers would confuse the name of Supermac's with big Mac Burger.

The court examined the case thoroughly, and then took the position of the Irish network. Thus, Supermac's can legally start its activities in the European market, using the trademark Big Mac on any of its products.

Earlier it became known that the Arbitration court of Moscow confirmed the legality of the fine of 400 thousand rubles imposed by Rospotrebnadzor on McDonald's for the sale of products at night without a Declaration of conformity, including without specifying the time of manufacture and expiration date.

McDonald's company was founded in 1940 by brothers Dick and Mac McDonald. The first restaurant opened in San Bernardino (California, USA). In 1948, the company for the first time in the world formulated the principles of the concept of "fast food". The first McDonald's in Russia opened in early 1990 on Pushkin square in Moscow. Now in Russia there are about 650 McDonald's restaurants.

Previously, McDonald's fast food chain reported that classic burgers from Its menu no longer contain artificial preservatives, flavors and colors. Changes in the composition of the ingredients, according to the company, relate to all 14 thousand restaurants in the United States for seven types of burgers. Artificial preservatives were excluded from the rolls, sauce and cheese.  The release clarifies that the preservatives contain only pickled cucumbers, from which consumers will be able to refuse.