OREANDA-NEWS. Microsoft is gradually returning employees to their jobs - starting March 29, coronavirus restrictions will be partially lifted in the company's American offices in Redmond and Seattle. Employees will be able to return to the office at will, which is within the framework of the concept of such a hybrid workplace.

Now some employees can return to their offices if they wish, but the general recommendation remains the same - if possible, work from home.

Well, in general, Microsoft is convinced that a hybrid work scenario is not a temporary measure, but something that will remain with us forever. According to the study, 73% of employees are in favor of maintaining a hybrid approach and flexible schedule. Almost half are ready to change employers or move to another city, especially since you can work remotely anywhere.

But this format of work has its own difficulties. One of the findings of the study is that many managers did not pay enough attention to the problem of organizing remote workplaces for their employees, and a significant number of people simply do not have a normal Internet and basic office supplies. In addition, managers need to re-establish contact with their subordinates, and there are fewer opportunities for this.

Well, most of all, the remote work format suffers, oddly enough, representatives of generation Z, those who are now between 18 and 25 years old. Microsoft explains this problem precisely by the fact that it is especially important for young people to have personal, informal communication, the opportunity to learn from experience and take their place in the team.