OREANDA-NEWS In the near future, the Ministry of Industry and Trade intends to send the document to other departments for approval. The Ministry of Health noted that they plan to carefully study the initiative.

A spokesman for the agency pointed to concerns about any measures that would lead to an increase in alcohol consumption. The ministry also reminded about the national project "Demography", one of the tasks of which is to reduce alcohol sales and increase the number of Russians leading a healthy lifestyle.

Beer is legally equivalent to alcohol since 2011. All general rules applicable to the product concerned apply to it. It is forbidden to sell beer from 23 to 8 o'clock; it is not allowed to be sold to minors in medical and educational institutions, in stalls and at military facilities, as well as at places of meetings and demonstrations. In addition, since 2016, the sale of beer in plastic packaging with a volume of more than 1.5 liters is prohibited, with the exception of products being exported.