OREANDA-NEWS Moscow hit the seventh line of the rating of European capitals with affordable hotels of the highest category, and also entered the top twenty of the world rating. 

In the list of world capitals popular with tourists, Moscow ranked 31st, and among European - 19th. The top three included London, Paris and Amsterdam. The average cost of a night at a hotel in the Russian capital was 5 thousand rubles, and in a five-star hotel it was 9,250 rubles. 

The most expensive hotels in the capitals of Monaco, the Bahamas and Seychelles, Israel and the islands of Mauritius - there one night will cost 13,900 rubles - 26,800 rubles. The most expensive premium vacation in hotels of Monaco: a day in a five-star hotel costs about 40 thousand rubles. 

Most of all, you can relax in the capitals of Laos, Kazakhstan, Cambodia, Turkey and Indonesia: an average nightly stay at a hotel costs 2,400 rubles - 3,500 rubles. Cheap five-star accommodation facilities in the capitals of Turkey, Malaysia, Venezuela, Tunisia and India. Rest there will cost 4,900 rubles. - 7,400 rubles per night.