OREANDA-NEWS. As the head of Hi-Tech Mail.ru Dmitry Ryabinin said in an interview with Sputnik radio, New Year's holidays traditionally increase the frequency of Russians' calls to service centers to fix smartphones. He also talked about how to reduce risks and keep your gadgets in working order.

The expert states that the most incredible things happen to gadgets during the holidays. Gadgets are lost, drowned in water, broken, accidentally blown up, they are dropped from a great height, etc. This year, he suggests, perhaps the risk of damage to smartphones will be less due to the cancellation of some of the entertainment events, but it is still there.

Long holiday festivities pose a threat to the shell of smartphones, and most importantly, to the data they store. The expert advised making backups for insurance, that is, creating backup copies of information from a smartphone. He explains that even if a person loses or breaks a gadget, he will not be left without the information he needs. The specialist reminds that backups should be stored separately from the smartphone itself. Dmitry Ryabinin explained that if there is a backup, it will be easy to restore data after repair or purchase of a new gadget.