OREANDA-NEWS The Russian-based international IT company Softline has cut employee salaries by 25% by the end of the year, according to Forbes. The decision was made against the backdrop of a decline in the company's income in April by about 30%.

The salary cuts were announced during an online meeting on May 16. It is noted that payments will be reduced to employees and managers. At the same time, 25% will go into a “surcharge” that the employee will receive if he fulfills the margin plan. At the same time, the margin plan in 2022 increased by about 20%. If the work of the employee does not involve the implementation of the plan, the salary will simply be reduced by 25%.

It is noted that the majority of Softline employees were engaged in the sale of Microsoft products, which suspended work in Russia in March. A Forbes source said that Microsoft's sales accounted for about 45% of Softline's revenue.

Softline's management promised to cancel the new measures "as soon as the market situation and the company's results change for the better."