OREANDA-NEWS In Russia, there is a growing demand for oysters. Last year growing both the production of delicacies on special farms, and catch in the open sea, and imports.

Aquaculture production of oysters, when they are grown on specially created offshore farms, increased dramatically in 2018, according to RBC data provided by RBC.

Along with aquaculture production, the catch of oysters also increased last year, said German Zverev, president of the All-Russian Association of Fishery Enterprises, Entrepreneurs and Exporters, told RBC. According to him, in 2018, fishermen in the Far East caught 270.9 tons of mollusk, which is almost 1.4 times more than in 2017.

Increased and imports, said Zverev. In 2018, it amounted to 332.6 tons, which is almost 18% more than a year earlier.

In the Federal Agency for Fishery, the response to anti-Russian sanctions is called the impetus for the development of this market: until 2014, oysters in Russia were almost never divorced, but brought primarily from EU countries. The situation was changed by the pro-bargo introduced in August 2014, which closed the access to the Russian market for seafood from Europe.