OREANDA-NEWS Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov does not know how or when the cake promised by the Turkish pastry will be delivered to the Kremlin as a sign of gratitude for the Russian C-400 supplies to Turkey, but he sure that the food will be welcome.

“I can’t confirm it. I don’t have that information,” the Kremlin spokesman told reporters when asked about the delivery of cake from Turkey to Moscow on Friday.  At the same time, Peskov warned that, "on Friday, unfortunately, President Vladimir Putin will not be in Moscow," since "he will fly out of St. Petersburg tonight to Magnitogorsk."

Nevertheless, the representative of the Kremlin assured: "Of course, we will be happy with the cake." According to Peskov, who has the education of an Orientalist historian and worked for many years in Ankara, "in Turkey, pastry chefs make delicious cakes."

Earlier, the media reported on the intention of the confectioner from Bursa Hassan Adjar to send a spinach pie to the Kremlin as a sign of gratitude for Russia's deliveries of C-400 complexes to Turkey.